Help Change A Life in Moria

The Moria Camp on Lesbos feels like a dead-end for many Refugees and Migrants, who have traveled weeks or months and paid people-smugglers often large sums of money to reach the European Union. Faced with criticism over poor living conditions.

Traveling and talking a lot about Refugees and Migrants Rights and how to get the European Union to help make a change to the lives of this Refugees and Migrants will not solve the issue no matter how hard and far we push to.

Patience is not only a virtue, it’s a necessity for residents of Moria Camp on Lesbos. They spend most of the day lining up for meals, medicine and paperwork. Many have learnt the word for wait in Greek: perimene.

“Always perimene,” a migrant from Cameroon told us. “Hospital perimene, to eat perimene, police perimene, how many perimene? I wait in the European Union!”

Sometimes the wait leads to tension. When  I visited the camp, two Afghan women were hurling insults at each other and needed to be pulled apart to prevent a physical fight. Anger had boiled over as they waited in the rain to see the doctor.

Overcrowding sparks tensions

“None of these people here left their countries with the intention of coming and staying in Moria. So, they get frustrated,” says the camp’s director, Giannis Balbakakis, an army general who came out of retirement two years ago to run Moria Camp.

“The fact that we have tensions and problems is due to their concern about when they’ll get to leave this place. There are a lot of people living in a very small area.”

My Project is about helping the Refugees, Migrants and New Comers of Moria Camp. There Children suffering as their mothers are depressed and with so much tension in their heads. I want to help this little children and women who are  Refugees, Migrants and New comers at the Moria Camp in Lesbos.

The idea is to get them clothings, Food and toys to play if possible some money to spend on what their heart pleases them to. It could be a Euro or more if possible from your hearts. I am donating 20% of my earnings from my Music and i believe that all of you out there would want to help from your heart. it doe not have be a million but just the little that you can offer to these Women and Children of the Moria Camp.

You can click the link below to donate what ever your heart pleases as i do believe the stronger that we stand all together today is a step taken to help change the lives of these women and children at the Moria Camp in Lesbos.


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May 14, 2019

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